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Customer Engagement Plan Methodology

Creating a Customer Engagement Plan is a 40-page PDF planning methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 19 premium tools & templates to help you develop a customer engagement plan that that supports your company’s goals & objectives.



Customer Engagement Best Practices Report

Customer Engagement is the fast growing evolution of CX. With growth comes complexity and the need to establish best practices for strategies, processes, vendor selection and implementation. We’ll reveal our Best Practices for developing enterprise-wide CE initiatives based on our Customer Engagement Map, CE Framework and CE maturity models.


Customer Engagement Framework

The Customer Engagement Framework was designed to help organizations implement and optimize their digital marketing efforts across 6 dimensions: Roles, Responsibilities, Processes, Technology, Content and Metrics.



Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map

The Customer Journey Map allows you to identify the different stages of your customer's journey across 5 phases: Discovery/Research, Evaluation/Comparison, Decision/Purchase, Implementation, and Support/Renew. Using a visually appealing chart, you can identify each phase of the buying process.



Customer Experience Management Assessment

The Customer Experience Management Assessment helps you analyze and benchmark your CEM maturity. This tool will help you evaluate your team's customer experience management capabilities based on 11 key areas, including CX Practice, CX Skills & Knowledge, CX Program Design and Customer Voice Sources.



Content & Buyer's Journey Benchmark Report

In a June 2014 study sponsored by ion interactive, Demand Metric studied the relationship between Content Marketing and the buying cycle. This study gives insight into the customer preferences and experiences on the sales journey.



How-To Guide: Developing Content Strategy from Journey Maps

This How-To Guide has been designed to help marketers learn how to use Journey Maps to develop a better content strategy - one that effectively engages and converts prospects based on the information the potential buyer is actually seeking rather than what the marketing or sales organization thinks they should have.



How-To Guide: Improving Campaign Conversion with Journey Maps

This How-To Guide has been designed to help you improve the conversion rate of marketing campaigns by aligning tactics and calls-to-action to customer journeys.




How-To Guide: Customer Profile Management

This How-To Guide is designed to provide marketers with the information and resources they need to effectively manage their users’/customers’ online experiences based on leading-edge customer profile management and registration systems and strategies.




The Business of Gamification Infographic

Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer engagement and employee retention. Check out this new infographic: The Business of Gamification to learn: what gamification is, how it works, facts and stats, business benefits, and how to get started.